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Astronaut - Data Management SQLSense


Data Classification made simple.

Our Solution

SQLSense is a data classification tool designed to simplify the work of database administrators.

SQLSense provides insight into the health of your sensitive data, ensuring it is properly protected. With this proactive approach, you can identify potential security risks before they impact your business.

Comply with POPIA & GDPR!

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What is included?

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Data Classification

Identify tables and columns containing potentially sensitive data and manage them by applying appropriate sensitivity metrics to prevent unauthorized access.

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Bulk Updates

SQLSense allows users to efficiently save time and resources by bulk verifying data, assigning appropriate sensitivity ratings, and ensuring the security and accuracy of their data.

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The  identification of tables and columns containing potentially sensitive data simplifies the process of identifying sensitive information, reducing the risk of errors.


We assist you in assessing your SQL Server environment and furnish you with clear, actionable data insights. This allows you to attain a precise understanding of your SQL Server environment's health and ultimately save on costs

Single-tool Bulk Verify 
Sensitive Data & Classify Data

SQLSense's bulk verification feature streamlines the process of verifying and classifying sensitive data by consolidating these tasks into a single tool. This eliminates the need for users to use multiple tools or manual processes, saving them time and resources.


By quickly and accurately verifying and classifying data, SQLSense ensures data security and accuracy, which is essential for making informed decisions.

By reducing the time and effort required to verify and classify data, SQLSense's bulk verify feature enables users to focus on other critical tasks, improving productivity and efficiency.


Accurate classification of data enables businesses to make informed decisions based on reliable and secure data, leading to better business outcomes. Ultimately, SQLSense's bulk verify feature provides peace of mind to users, knowing that their sensitive data is properly classified and secured.

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  • Improve Data Security
  • Comply to GDPR & POPIA
  • Increase Productivity
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Audit Your SQL World
with Ease. Effortless Track and Record every change.

Manage their sensitive data and protect it from unauthorized access. By applying the correct sensitivity metrics, businesses can ensure that their sensitive data is appropriately secured and safeguarded against potential data breaches.


Identifying tables and columns containing potentially sensitive data simplifies identifying sensitive information, eliminating the need for manual data searches and reducing the risk of errors. This automated approach saves time and resources, enabling businesses to focus on other critical tasks.

SQLSense also provides full masking of sensitive data, ensuring that unauthorized persons cannot view the data, even if they have access to the database. 


Being the first to know about potential risks, businesses can take proactive measures to mitigate them before they cause significant damage.


By utilizing SQLSense, businesses can be confident that their sensitive data is secure, reducing the risk of costly data breaches and protecting their reputation. The tool allows businesses to streamline their data management processes, save valuable time and resources, and enhance their overall security posture.

  • Safeguard Against Security Breach
  • Full Masking of Sensitive Data
  • Secure Sensitive Data
Astronaut - Data Management

Data Classification made Simple with SQLSense!

Effortless remote administration with unbeatable resilience!

Secure, Audit, Govern, Automate, Standardise, and Synchronise your data in real time!

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