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Astronaut - Data Management SQLClassic


Transform your SQL Environment 

Our Solution

SQLClassic is a centralized database management solution designed to simplify the work of database administrators.


It provides real-time monitoring, industry-standard alerts, and proactive problem identification for your SQL Server Estate, whether it is on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid. 

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What is included?

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Near real-time dashboard that monitors critical events in MS SQL environments, as well as a centralized management system for users, databases, and instances. This results in increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and minimized risk of data loss.

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Our automated monitoring and alerting feature for MS SQL Server Instances provides uninterrupted availability of SQL backups and reduces the risk of data loss and downtime.


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Detailed insights into their SQL environment, allowing you to track user activity, monitor security events, and identify configuration changes. You can proactively identify and respond to potential issues, achieve compliance, and make informed decisions.

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Synchronises data during low connectivity, but it also automatically completes a synchronization task once the database or instance is back online - without requiring any action from a Database Administrator


We assist you in assessing your SQL Server environment and furnish you with clear, actionable data insights. This allows you to attain a precise understanding of your SQL Server environment's health and ultimately save on costs

Audit Your MS SQL World with Ease. Effortless Track and Record every change.

By utilizing Effortless SQL Environment Auditing, businesses can easily track and record every change made in their SQL environment. This offers a valuable benefit of ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies.


Additionally, the automated tracking and recording process helps to quickly identify any unauthorized changes or errors in the SQL environment, minimizing the potential for downtime and data loss.


With Effortless SQL Environment Auditing, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their database is being constantly monitored and any issues can be quickly resolved.



  • Reduce Risk
  • Constand Monitoring
  • Reduce DownTime


Synchronise Data Without
Human Intervention.

The ability to synchronize data during low connectivity offered by SQLClassic provides a significant business benefit.


It ensures that data can be accessed and updated even in remote or low-bandwidth environments, enabling employees to stay productive and maintain business operations without interruption.


Additionally, the automatic completion of synchronization tasks upon reconnection reduces the need for manual intervention, saving time and streamlining workflows.

  • Ensure Data Availability
  • Reduce Manual Intervention
  • Increase Productivity
Astronaut - Data Management

Transform your SQL Management with SQLClassic

Effortless remote administration with unbeatable resilience!

Secure, Audit, Govern, Automate, Standardise, and Synchronise your data in real time!

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