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Who would use this product?

DevOps, SQL developers and DBA’s would benefit from using the tool.

  • Easily find schema changes to know what’s happening in your environments

  • Reduced effort comparing and standardising SQL Server database schemas resulting in time saved

  • Quickly find and correct problems caused by differences in your databases

  • Simplify moving schema changes between different environments e.g. from dev to test, and test to production

  • Rapidly deploy new SQL Server schema updates

  • Generate T-SQL scripts that ensure one SQL Server database conforms to the schema of another

How will your organisation benefit by using Conductor4Schemas?

  • Accelerated development attributed to automated processes for database deployment and testing

  • Reduced organisational application costs

  • Fast-track application upgrades with impact analysis on customisations

  • Minimise downtime caused by application changes

Supported Schema Objects

  • T-SQL stored procedures

  • Views

  • T-SQL functions (including scalar, inline and table-valued)

  • T-SQL Triggers

  • User Tables

  • Schemas

  • Indexes (including clustered and non-clustered)

  • Constraints (including check, unique, primary key and foreign key)

  • User-defined types


  • SQL Server 2014

  • SQL Server 2012

  • SQL Server 2008 R2

  • SQL Server 2008

  • SQL Server 2005

Blue Smoke

Schema Comparison

SQLSchemas is an intuitive tool used for comparing database schemas and syncing differences easily.

Schemas Schema Snapshots.png
Schemas Schema Compare.png
Schemas Change Script Features.png


  • Save a snapshot of your databse schema for later use.

  • Generate creation or drop scripts for selected objects.


  • Compare databases with a snapshot or another live database.

  • View DDL differences between objects.


  • Create accurate change scripts to synchronise databse schemas.

  • Migrate all or selected database objects.

  • Once migration is complete the user can still choose to commit or rollback change.

User Interface

  • Customisable layout can remove or add columns

  • Advanced filtering, sorting and grouping of results


  • $99 per user (Includes 1 year maintenance and support).

  • $99 yearly fee for updates and new features (optional)

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