Released in version 2.95

A new feature, released in version 2.95, makes it possible to obtain a concise, searchable list of differences in databases across all installed client-servers in two steps. To illustrate the ease, from “Central Client Control” simply select the system command and “Send to All” (Figure 29).

Figure 29 – Schema compare command to all clients

This will send information about the central server to all client-servers and do a comparison to each. Next, you only have to send a query to all or selected client-servers (Figure 30). With this, you have done a schema comparison of 100s or 1000s of servers to the central master server at once!

Figure 30 – System query to all clients

The result set (Figure 31) is fully searchable and lists, for example, missing or extra databases, tables and columns with its column property differences. Should there be no difference to the central server’s structure, the status will reflect “MATCHING”.

Figure 31 – Comparison results

Searching on the result set (Figure 32), is dynamic and quick, and exporting these records are just one click away.

Figure 32 – Searching on result set

Imagine an easily updateable, concise and searchable list of differences in database structures across all your client-servers. The Meta data compare functionality makes this a reality in just a few clicks.

Another section is included in the “About Conductor4SQL” screen (Figure 33), allowing the number of installed clients to be tracked as well as the system modules enabled.

Figure 33 – Conductor4SQL “About” screen

The procedure of installing new client-servers is now practically seamless with the addition of the “Pre-Install Checker” (Figure 34). This systematically checks the validity of all prerequisites on a new client-server before installing. These checkpoints get flagged and can be addressed efficiently before being able to continue. This has been a massive improvement in preventing faulty client installs.

Figure 34 – Client-server Pre-Install Checker


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