JD Group synchronises its servers with EnterpriseWorx

The JD Group has completed the installation of Conductor4SQL to synchronise databases across Microsoft SQL Express installations in 1,054 furniture retail stores.

Developed by software solutions specialist, EnterpriseWorx, Conductor4SQL guarantees synchronisation and message delivery, even when the SQL environment is dispersed over erratic networks. “This was particularly important to the JD Group, since we operate a mixed network using ADSL, 3G and satellite technology,” says group CIO Andrew Murray.

“We now have direct visibility into our IT operations, enabling us to make decisions quickly if we encounter any problems. Centralised data synchronisation greatly reduces the time and effort needed for traditional database administration, avoiding the need to hire additional database administrators.” “Conductor4SQL is a database software solution that allows organisations to efficiently manage and synchronise a large number of Microsoft databases across several SQL servers,” says EnterpriseWorx COO, Sean Paine. “It provides a wide range of functionality, at a fraction of the price of similar SQL monitoring and alerting tools.”

“It allows organisations to efficiently connect, manage, synchronise, monitor and communicate with an unlimited number of Microsoft SQL databases from a single console.” A robust message queuing platform guarantees automatic message delivery without manual intervention. If the network fails halfway through an operation, the message will be sent as soon as the network is up-and-running again.

“This is an example of how technology can enable business to be more effective,” says Paine. “It allows organisations to do more with less. Conductor4SQL is also easy to implement. The JD Group installation went live within one week of the completion of the proof of concept phase.”

The stores run the SAP Point-of-Sale and POS DM as the audited channel for getting data to head office. Conductor4SQL runs in parallel, transferring data within a couple of hours or overnight. The technology has a small footprint since the application is configured within the SQL environment and no additional software is required on the client server. In addition, the network demand is low since Conductor4SQL sends only the data required by business users, together with a neglible amount of metadata.

The JD Group runs on MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and 2008 Express Edition. The data is fed into a SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition at the JD Group head office. “We found that to be one of the strengths of Conductor4SQL; it allows us to interact with heterogeneous environments running many different versions of SQL,” says Murray.

“With mounting regulatory pressure on retailers and the need to provide proof of specific transactions or face onerous fines, it is essential that complete and accurate data is transmitted consistently and in real-time.”


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