Conductor4SQL is a cut above other competing products as all features work off a guaranteed message queue. To understand what this means and how it will benefit you refer to the Message Delivery feature page.

With this incredible feature, you are able to determine if Tables, views, functions, stored procedures, indexes and keys are the same, even across an extremely large MS SQL Server environment – and you are able to determine this in just minutes. Using this feature in conjunction with the Conductor4SQL Centralized Command feature you are able to rectify these schema misalignments with a single click!

Schemas Comparison

Business Scenario (DBA)

Jon, the DBA, has been tasked with the project to ensure that the organisations mission critical Point of Sale application database is identical across all locations country wide to ensure continuity. This includes ensuring all T-SQL code in stored procedures, table structures, functions, etc. are all aligned and correct. Usually this exercise would be extremely complicated and take weeks. But with Conductor4SQL’s Schema Compare Feature, Jon can accomplish this in no time and provide reports back to business.

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