With Conductor4SQL’s vast array of features, and guaranteed message delivery architecture, the countless resource hours usually required to manage a large MS SQL environment are not required. This will ensure your skilled IT staff can spend more of their time delivering value to business as opposed to continuously being focused on managing and administering a large MS SQL environment. Improve DevOps efficiency, deliver value to business faster, and get the most out of valuable IT staff.

Powerful Capabilities

Resource Efficiency

Business Scenario (DBA)

Jon, the DBA, spent a lot of time making sure schema changes were deployed to all sites. He spent many hours connecting to all available sites and deploying the changes, and then countless more retrying to deploy to sites that had telecoms issues or power failures. By the time Jon was finally able to connect to them and run the desired changes, he had wasted many hours that could have been invested in reducing his many other requests.
Thankfully he now has Conductor4SQL which allows him to send the changes out to every site with the click of a button. It further allows him to carry on working on other tasks safe in the knowledge that the changes will happen as soon as power/telecoms are restored. He will be able to easily monitor where the change is yet to happen without ever having to manually retry himself.

“What I started to do via my own methods was a slow process and took days to get back all the required data. With Conductor4SQL, I can do the same process within a couple of minutes.”

Peter Gace – Group Systems Manager for a Leading Retail Chain

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