Conductor4SQL comes with an array of built in reports.

Relevant data is collected from the entire MS SQL environment on which Conductor4SQL is running so that critical information for monitoring the MS SQL environment is available to the organization at any time.

  •  Client Communication Summary Report

  •  Clients Behind Report

  • Network Statistics Report

  • User Work Details Report

  • User Work Summary Report

  • Client System Info Details

  • Clients Jobs Summary

  • Clients Jobs Summary (Gantt)

  • Clients Security Summary

  • Database Details Report

  • Database File Space Details Report

  • Database Size History Report

  • Database Tables Report

  • Error Log Details Report

  • Server Configuration Details

  • Tables By Database Size History Report

Business Scenario (Auditors)

Auditors have urgently requested from Peter, the system administrator, all information pertaining to the organisations MS SQL environment nationwide (which is thousands of instances), they need to know the version of MS SQL running, OS versions, as well as server hardware information, such as number of CPU’s. For this they would use the Client System Info Details Report.

Additionally business has requested that space usage prediction be provided to ensure enough space has been provisioned across all servers. This would usually take up days of Peter’s time but with Conductor4SQL’s built in reports he has all the information requested at his fingertips, and its Database Size History Report would help greatly with space provisioning.

These are only two reports out of many that could assist System administrators, DBA’s and business alike.

Conductor4SQL is a cut above other competing products as all features work off a guaranteed message queue. To understand what this means and how it will benefit you refer to the Message Delivery feature page.


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