Conductor4SQL proudly surpasses other MS SQL Tools as it was originally architected to work with very large dispersed MS SQL environments (hundreds or thousands of instances). It was further architected to be optimised for slow or erratic networks, as often dispersed MS SQL instances may cross countries or continents. This means that all the Tool features are built on a guaranteed messaging platform.

A huge advantage of this feature is that all of your MS SQL instances do not have to be available when you work with your environment. Conductor4SQL uses intelligent queueing to ensure that your workload will get to your MS SQL environment despite any current infrastructure issues you may experience. This eliminates the need for large MS SQL support teams or exception management of your MS SQL instances thereby freeing up massive amounts of man hours.

Business Scenario (DBA)

Jon, the DBA, needs to roll out changes to his large country wide MS SQL environment. He needs to create new objects in the database for an application update, and then query the entire environment to ensure that all application settings have been updated and that there are no exceptions. (Jon plans to do this using the power of Conductor4SQL Distributed SQL Command and Query).

The problem is that due to power and network disruptions in certain parts of the country, approximately 20% of his MS SQL instances are not currently available.

Jon does not have a MS SQL support team who can monitor and retry the change deployment constantly after hours to ensure it happens. Fortunately Jon is using Conductor4SQL and the Tool itself will do this for him, when the unavailable instances become available again, Conductor4SQL will ensure the changes happen and report back, ensuring Jon a good night’s sleep.

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