With the Conductor4SQL grouping feature organisations can intelligently group their instances of MS SQL server in a way that is meaningful to their business. This will allow SQL and DBA professionals to work with subsets of MS SQL instances where relevant to deliver on business requirements.

Business Scenario (DBA)

Danny the DBA manages a MS SQL Server Environment globally of over 2,000 instances. He has to deploy various configurations and setup SQL scripts to the environment, however these differ from country to country across the world.

Danny needs to apply different SQL scripts to different instances, depending on where the instances are located in which countries. This would normally be a very long manual process with a high risk for human error if someone were to execute the incorrect script in the wrong country.


However with Conductor4SQL's grouping feature, Danny is able to group the 2,000 instances into smaller subsets according to country or region. He can then easily deploy these scripts to the groups knowing the right scripts will get to all the right instances in the right countries quickly and easily.

Conductor4SQL is a cut above other competing products as all features work off a guaranteed message queue. To understand what this means and how it will benefit you refer to the Message Delivery feature page.

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