Conductor4SQL is a cut above other competing products as all features work off a guaranteed message queue. To understand what this means and how it will benefit you refer to the Message Delivery feature below.


Distributed sql query and command

Conductor4SQL Distributed Query will afford your company the ability to query your entire MS SQL environment from one central location and receive all the information back in a consolidated easy to search format. Enabling the organisation to get whatever ad-hoc information they want from a potentially large distributed MS SQL environment in minutes.

With Conductor4SQL Distributed Command your company is able to run any DML or DDL T-SQL commands on your entire MS SQL environment from one central location. You can create new database objects or update data across hundreds of instances of MS SQL from one central console in just minutes.


Data synchronisation and reverse data synchronisation


The amazing data synchronisation feature will enable your organization to synchronise data from multiple dispersed instances of MS SQL that have identical databases, to one central instance of MS SQL in real-time! Do you need real-time B.I or easy access to all your dispersed data? The Data Synchronisation feature will afford your enterprise a view of the data across your entire MS SQL environment even over a large geographical area. This can be done utilising your traditional network infrastructure or a software based networking solution.

Conductor4SQL reverse Data Synchronisation will allow your organization to maintain master or configuration type data on one central instance of MS SQL. This data can then be distributed in real-time to any dispersed instances of your choosing. Conductor4SQL was designed to be able to transport data in this fashion over slow or erratic networks. This design enables the tool to perform rapidly on reliable, fast networks and able to sync data across slow or erratic networks that would typically prove extremely challenging using other methods such as MS SQL replication.


Conductor4SQL comes with an array of built in reports.

Relevant data is collected from the entire MS SQL environment on which Conductor4SQL is running so that critical information for monitoring the MS SQL environment is available to the organization at any time.


System Standardisation

With the Conductor4SQL Central Command and Query feature, the enormous task of auditing a large MS SQL environment and applying the necessary changes to ensure the entire environment is standardised, becomes simple and far less time consuming.


centralised file sending

Conductor4SQL enables the oganisation to send files (.bat, .config, .dll, etc.) from one central location to all their MS SQL instances, leveraging off the guaranteed Messaging Delivery queue technology and extensive built in product compression.


With this incredible feature, you are able to determine if Tables, views, functions, stored procedures, indexes and keys are the same, even across an extremely large MS SQL Server environment – and you are able to determine this in just minutes. Using this feature in conjunction with the Conductor4SQL Centralized Command feature you are able to rectify these schema misalignments with a single click!

schemas comparison


centralised auditing

Once implemented, Conductor4SQL has built in auditing of your MS SQL environment on all events that happen through Conductor4SQL, as well as on any server level events that happen through other means, e.g. MS Management Studio or Command Line.

With this tool, there is complete visibility of what is happening in your MS SQL environment at any given time. Additionally audit alerts can be configured so that the relevant people are notified immediately when certain events happen, such as Data Bases being dropped or new security logins being created.


Conductor4SQL proudly surpasses other MS SQL Tools as it was originally architected to work with very large dispersed MS SQL environments (hundreds or thousands of instances). It was further architected to be optimised for slow or erratic networks, as often dispersed MS SQL instances may cross countries or continents. This means that all the Tool features are built on a guaranteed messaging platform.

A huge advantage of this feature is that all of your MS SQL instances do not have to be available when you work with your environment. Conductor4SQL uses intelligent queueing to ensure that your workload will get to your MS SQL environment despite any current infrastructure issues you may experience. This eliminates the need for large MS SQL support teams or exception management of your MS SQL instances thereby freeing up massive amounts of man hours.

message delivery



With the Conductor4SQL grouping feature organisations can intelligently group their instances of MS SQL server in a way that is meaningful to their business. This will allow SQL and DBA professionals to work with subsets of MS SQL instances where relevant to deliver on business requirements.


data recovery

Conductor4SQL Data Recovery gives organisations the ability to recover lost data that they have synchronised to their central environment using Conductor4SQL Data Synchronisation.

Should your company’s traditional backup strategy fail, Conductor4SQL Data Recovery will give your business the extra Data Recovery ability to recover business critical information from the MS SQL environment.


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