Conductor4SQL is a cut above other competing products as all features work off a guaranteed message queue. To understand what this means and how it will benefit you refer to the Message Delivery feature page.

Distributed SQL Query

Conductor4SQL Distributed Query will afford your company the ability to query your entire MS SQL environment from one central location and receive all the information back in a consolidated easy to search format. Enabling the organisation to get whatever ad-hoc information they want from a potentially large distributed MS SQL environment in minutes.

Business Scenario (DBA)

Jon is a DBA and he is responsible for a MS SQL environment consisting of hundreds of instances in many geographical locations, Jon has been tasked with standardising the environment based on organisational policy: amongst other things this includes making sure xp_cmdshell is disabled, all DB’s are in simply recovery model and ensuring tempdb is on it’s own drive. The first challenge Jon faces is auditing the entire massive MS SQL environment to establish which instances do not comply with the organisations policy in order to determine which instances need to be attended to. With Conductor4SQL obtaining this information is simple, Jon can use Distributed Query to query his entire MS SQL environment from one central location. Conductor4SQL gathers and consolidates this information for you within minutes! The consolidated data is easily searchable and Jon can quickly identify the instances that do not comply with policy.

Business Scenario (Merchandiser)

Bob is a Merchandiser and is responsible for the Product Portfolio of the retailer he works for. Bob fears that a recent system bug has caused certain product’s selling prices to be well below cost. If what Bob fears is true, this would result in huge losses for the company. Bob’s first challenge is to establish the extent of the problem. Because he has no idea which stores and products have been affected, he urgently needs to query the in store database of all the stores country wide. Normally collecting this data would take days, by which time the business could lose a fortune. Fortunately the retailer has installed Conductor4SQL and Bob can ask Jon, the DBA to use Conductor4SQL to query all stores nationwide and get this information within minutes! The consolidated data can be searched easily to establish the extent of the bug and the results are exported so that Bob can report back to business.

Distributed SQL Queries and Commands

Distributed SQL Command

With Conductor4SQL Distributed Command your company is able to run any DML or DDL T-SQL commands on your entire MS SQL environment from one central location. You can create new database objects or update data across hundreds of instances of MS SQL from one central console in just minutes.

Business Scenario (DBA)

Jon, the DBA, has used Conductor4SQL’s Distributed Query function to determine which instances of MS SQL in his very large environment do not comply with company policy. He has identified hundreds of instances of MS SQL that need changes to configuration settings, job schedules, DB recovery models, permission changes and the likes. With Conductor4SQL he can apply his fix script to the instances of his MS SQL environment that do not comply with policy and within minutes Jon ensures that his environment is standardised, an exercise which would normally take him days.

Business Scenario (Merchandiser)

Bob, the Merchandiser, used Conductor4SQL’s Distributed Query ability to be able to quickly assess the extent of a bug that caused the selling price of various products to be well below cost price. He would then need to update these prices to reflect correctly in hundreds of stores across the country. He would also be expected to do this as quickly as possible in order to limit what could potentially be huge business losses. Fortunately Bob was able to get Jon, the DBA, to use Conductor4SQL to run the fix script across all these hundreds of stores in minutes and check that the results are correct, thereby preventing the losses that were expected.

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