Conductor4SQL is a cut above other competing products as all features work off a guaranteed message queue. To understand what this means and how it will benefit you refer to the Message Delivery feature page.

Data Synchronisation

This amazing feature will enable your organization to synchronise data from multiple dispersed instances of MS SQL that have identical databases, to one central instance of MS SQL in real-time! Do you need real-time B.I or easy access to all your dispersed data? The Data Synchronisation feature will afford your enterprise a view of the data across your entire MS SQL environment even over a large geographical area. This can be done utilising your traditional network infrastructure or a software based networking solution.

Data Synchronisation

Reverse Data Synchronisation

Conductor4SQL reverse Data Synchronisation will allow your organization to maintain master or configuration type data on one central instance of MS SQL. This data can then be distributed in real-time to any dispersed instances of your choosing. Conductor4SQL was designed to be able to transport data in this fashion over slow or erratic networks. This design enables the tool to perform rapidly on reliable, fast networks and able to sync data across slow or erratic networks that would typically prove extremely challenging using other methods such as MS SQL replication.

Business Scenario (Business requirements)

How would this feature benefit you in day to day operations? Jack is the data architect for a large retailer, recently he has been tasked by business with enabling the organisation with real-time notifications and real-time reporting from the Point of Sale system from a central reporting system at head office. However the organisations Point of Sale system across all outlets (over 1000 sites) is spread throughout the entire country and connectivity to these locations varies and is unstable at certain locations. Getting data from these locations to head office in real-time reliably seems impossible for Jack. How can Jack get this data form all the organisations locations easily, efficiently and in time to satisfy the requirements, thus enabling the business with real-time data nationwide? Conduct4SQL Data Synchronisation is the answer.

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