Conductor4SQL is a cut above other competing products as all features work off a guaranteed message queue. To understand what this means and how it will benefit you refer to the Message Delivery feature page.

Conductor4SQL Data Recovery gives organisations the ability to recover lost data that they have synchronised to their central environment using Conductor4SQL Data Synchronisation.

Should your company’s traditional backup strategy fail, Conductor4SQL Data Recovery will give your business the extra Data Recovery ability to recover business critical information from the MS SQL environment.

Business Scenario (Hardware Failure)

A critical hardware failure has been experienced at one of the organisation’s branches. Joe, from the technical support team, just discovered that the MS SQL backups have failed for the last 4 days prior to the hardware failure. The latest backup would therefore be missing the last 4 days’ worth of business transactions, and Joe’s job could be at risk!

Traditionally this data would be unrecoverable and the branch would have to manually recapture the transactions, which would normally take a few days. Fortunately for Joe this organization has been synchronising their critical data using Conductor4SQL’s Data Synchronisation. With Conductor4SQL’s Reverse Data Synchronisation technology they are able to use the Tool to recover all the lost business transactions even up to seconds before the hardware failure.

Data Recovery

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