Conductor4SQL is a cut above other competing products as all features work off a guaranteed message queue. To understand what this means and how it will benefit you refer to the Message Delivery feature page.

Once implemented, Conductor4SQL has built in auditing of your MS SQL environment on all events that happen through Conductor4SQL, as well as on any server level events that happen through other means, e.g. MS Management Studio or Command Line.

With this tool, there is complete visibility of what is happening in your MS SQL environment at any given time. Additionally audit alerts can be configured so that the relevant people are notified immediately when certain events happen, such as Data Bases being dropped or new security logins being created.

Business Scenario (DBA)

Jon is employed as a DBA, Business Operations have been disrupted at his company due to the fact that an incorrect version of a stored procedure has been found at many instances of MS SQL in the company’s branches around the country. They have also discovered a table that has been dropped resulting in transactions going to error. Using Conductor4SQL’s Distributed SQL Query and Command feature Jon was able to identify the exact extent of the issue and resolve it in minutes.

Jon’s manager wants a report on when and how this happened as well as who was responsible. In most cases this is impossible to determine after the fact, however because Jon’s company has Conductor4SQL, he can easily determine who altered the stored procedure and dropped the table. He is also able to determine when it happened and takes immediate steps to ensure that it does not happen again.

Jon has also set up Conductor4SQL Audit Alerts to ensure that if something of this nature does happen again, he will be able to tell his manager immediately and not days after it took place.

Centralised Auditing

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